Update 01.24.11 – Positive Setbacks

Hey everyone, I know I probably have quite a few people that have been just waiting….

and waiting….

and waiting in anticipation for my next and final post in the 3 part series that I’ve been posting about How To Make Money Online For Free, and it hasn’t come yet. I truly apologize! :(

Don’t worry, I promise the final post of the 3 part series IS COMING! I’m holding it off until I’m fully ready to launch my upcoming pretty ┬ámuch secret project.

It has to do with fully UPSCALING my business to take me from having to work a real world job to making it optional to working a real world job. A few things are going to happen when this is complete, it’s just taking me a little longer than I anticipated to get completed, but these are the details:

  • I’m going to run a contest, yes a contest right here on this website!
    • There’s going to be a 1st Runner-Up & a Grand Prize
    • Since I’m a gamer, you can probably guess what some of the prizes will be, but that won’t be all! ssshhh ….
  • Basically, tell your friends, because I’m solely building up anticipation right now. ;)

I know, not disclosing exactly what I’m up to according to upscaling my business and the contest I’ll be having is a bit different from the style of things you might have read here on my site, because I always try to disclose as much info as possible, given that I have the goods.

I’m going to guarantee that what I’m doing hasn’t been done, and if it has been done, it’s hasn’t been done in a looooooooong time or in the style I’m planning to bring it in.

Even though I’m honestly disappointed that this is truly taking longer than I planned, the setbacks are more than extraordinarily positive for what I know the outcome is going to bring.

That’s it, I hope everyone is having a great new year so far, we’ve made it through almost all of January, and I hope you stick around to see what’s to come.

I plan to have everything complete and worked out by early February; however, I could do things earlier depending on setbacks that arise.

Anyway, thank you everyone.

From My Success To Yours,

Daphne Link – Gamers Learn