How To Make Money Online For Free – Part 1 – Article Marketing

Part 1 – How To Make Money Online For Free – Article Marketing

Hey there, welcome to part 1 of my How To Make Money Online For Free series. This is going to be a 3 part article series, which will cover article marketing, affiliate marketing, and cpa (cost-per-action). If you’re wondering why I’ve chosen these three areas to discuss, it’s because I have experience with these, successes and failures.

Are there other ways to make money online you may be asking? Well, yes of course! But, my goal with this series is to get people started with a few of the best ways that I know, that is for people that either have absolutely have no money to invest, flat out refuse to buy anything, or those that just may want to test the free waters.

What is article marketing?
Well, plain and simple, it’s promoting your business by writing articles. The jist of the idea is that your articles will be seen/read, and the readers will click the link(s) you’ve added to the articles, which will in turn get you more visitors to your site, sales, build your list, etc. whatever your main goal may be.

Where do you submit these articles?
Well, you want to submit your articles to article directories, and to your website, blog, etc.

Now, depending on where and who you get your information from, some people live by the rule of submitting to an article directory first, and others say submit to your own website first. I personally submit to my own website first, and then I submit articles elsewhere. What’s great about ezinearticles is that as long as the article you submit to them is YOURS, they don’t require it to be original content.

As for other directories, I’m no expert nor do I know all of the other directory submission rules, so make sure you read their article submission guidelines to get your articles approved for their directory.

What’s an article directory?
To be plain an simple once again, an article directory is a website that allows users to submit their unique articles. Larger and popular article directories are considered to be an authority site, meaning they usually have a high PR (page rank) and get constantly crawled by search engine bots. So, by submitting your content to these directories, and embedding a backlink to your site from the article, you end up getting powerful backlinks from the directory because of the directory’s authority.

What are backlinks?
Backlinks are the incoming links to a website, basically any link that is on a webpage that links elsewhere. To make more sense of this, here’s an example:

I link to one of my Call of Duty: Black Ops ezinearticles.

You now see that this link is on my website here @ More specifically, its on this blog post, and it links elsewhere, which is to my article on ezinearticles.

By linking to one of my articles on ezinearticles, I’ve given myself a backlink. Now this post isn’t on an authority site like ezinearticles, by any means, but that’s the basic principle of what backlinks are.

What to write about? Finding a niche/market
This is another area where you will soon learn that many people will try to push and pull you every which way. You will be told to find a niche that you’re passionate about, and someone else will advise that you should only write about the most popular market(s), one’s that have the most potential to make the most money.

I personally believe that if you’re on the path to become an internet marketer, you should be writing about internet marketing, which covers a LARGE range of things to write about. Since there are so many things to talk about with IM, and this is just my opinion, but I also believe it shouldn’t be too hard to find something to be passionate about from such a large market that you have to work with.

If you’re not sure what you’re passionate about or not sure what you want to do with your online business, I recommend heading over to Amazon Bestsellers and take a look at the category options, because these can all be markets for you to write articles about.

Another alternative is choosing a niche from what a lot of marketers consider the Big 3 of internet marketing niches:

  • Making money (online)
  • Relationships & Dating
  • Health & Fitness

What are some of the article directories to submit to?
I personally only use Ezinearticles for submitting articles to, and some people count Squidoo, which I also use but I don’t consider it an article directory.

Daily Updated List Of Article Directories
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How To Make Money From Article Marketing
Ok, now that you know the basics about article marketing, backlinks, what article directories are, and have a list of some to submit your articles to, it’s time to learn how to make money from this free method.

When submitting your articles to an article directory, you’re introduced to something called an author box or resource box. This is your money making box! It can also be your traffic driving box, etc. basically whatever you need this article to do for you, this is what the resource box is for; however, for the purpose of this series, it’s to make money $$$.

So, if I were just starting out, I would write an article, and find a product related to my article that’s going to starting making me some money. Let’s say your niche/market is weight loss aka health & fitness, I’d do the following:

  • Write an article about fitness
  • Find a Clickbank product to promote by getting the hop link
  • Add the link to your article on your website
  • Add the link to your article submission by write some flowing text in your resource box that includes a link to the product you’re promoting. Example:
  • Losing weight doesn’t have to be rocket science. Stop doing all of the stupid things that are keeping you overweight, and lose weight today.

Now, you’ll notice I linked directly to the affiliate product. Just as a heads up, when using ezinearticles, you cannot directly link to an affiliate product. You can get creative and find a work-around, especially if you’re trying to do this for free.

I recommend linking to your article on your website, and I recommend the article on your website be more informative than the ezinearticle. Using this method, you can give a short overview of your ideas, and in your resource box, say something like To read more about why you’re dieting ALL wrong visit When they click the link and land on your article I’d have a large bold link as the first thing they see, more commonly known as a CTA (Call-To-Action), and from there more information that wasn’t covered in the article.

Here’s a similar example I’ve used some of the method I just discussed, but using internet marketing niche:

Lastly, I’d drive traffic to the articles and my website. I’ll cover traffic generation in the future, until then, this is going to conclude part 1 of this How To Make Money Online For Free series. If you are completely new to all of this, and I lost you around the point of talking about Clickbank and affiliate hop link, stay tuned, because this is covered in part 2 of the series.

From My Success To Yours,
Daphne Link – Gamers Learn